Amblyopia / Lazy eye

Amblyopia, also known as lazy eye, is the most common cause of vision problems in children, affecting 2-3% of children. Amblyopia usually begins in early childhood and is associated with the rapid development of the visual system in the first years of life. It occurs when the brain favors one eye and develops connections to only one eye.

One of the basic methods of treating amblyopia is to cover the healthy eye to stimulate the amblyopic eye to work. It is a method that brings results, i.e. it improves vision in the amblyopic eye if the eye is covered regularly for several hours a day (usually doctors decide on 2-6 hours depending on the patient’s age and degree of amblyopia, some use a longer covering time). However, this method does not support the development of binocular vision, and it is the cooperation of both eyes that is the basis for correct vision.

How to help a child? It’s game time!

Entertaining and most importantly effective method is playing games with the use of red-blue 3D glasses.

The most important element that improves vision in the lazy eye is the use of special colors in the game, thanks to which each eye sees different elements. For the game to be successful, the two eyes must work together. Thanks to this, the missing connections to the amblyopic eye develop and binocular vision develops.

During such training, the eyes work really intensively. By using the 3D glasses you feel that the elements in the game 'shimmer’. You may experience pain in your eyes and head during such exertion. Before starting such therapy, it is absolutely necessary to consult an eye doctor. 

Amblyopia Games for Kids

We created the game with all children in mind – the smaller and larger ones, taking into account the player’s advancement resulting from the child’s age and the level of visual impairment. What makes our game different?


The main characters of the games are animals that every child likes! The friendly crayfish, hedgehog, dog and ladybird navigate simple 2D views.

Games control

Easy controls suitable for children from 3 years. Parents of younger children can play by themselves in slow mode, showing the child what is happening on the board.

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